TheWRD from The Ivors Academy announced as Festival Congress’ 2023 Educational Partner

20 Dec 2022

AIF is proud to announce TheWRD from The Ivors Academy as Festival Congress’ 2023 Educational Partner. TheWRD team is proud of this partnership and looks forward to connecting with independent festival organisers in Bristol. 

Developed and delivered by industry experts using cutting edge tech, TheWRD from The Ivors Academy brings together music industry leaders, expert educators and deep learning AI to offer career-defining arts education to everyone, everywhere. From entrepreneurial modules to sessions on live events, tour management and Festivals, as well as releasing music and marketing, the qualification is designed to equip creative entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians with the skills to forge a successful career in the creative industries.  

The qualification follows GSCEs and provides access to higher education or work. While students have access to face-to-face workshops and field trips, 100% of this cost-effective, UCAS-accredited course can be completed online if students prefer. This responds to the needs of many people who can’t start or develop their career in music and the creative industries because of where they live, their background, finances, and lack of contacts and self-belief.   

Students learn online and in person at their own pace and it takes up to two years to complete. The skills and knowledge that students develop will create new opportunities whether they stay in education, start a career in music – in front of or behind the mic – or in another industry.  

Howard Monk, Chief Education and Learning Officer at TheWRD from The Ivors Academy said “I’m delighted with this collaboration. Music, to me, is live music. Festivals have played a huge part in my life and it is just amazing to explore opportunities, along with the AIF team and members, for developing the talent pipeline together, in an authentic and meaningful way”.

Indeed, to celebrate the partnership, we are extending the deadline for Ivor Novello Scholarships for TheWRD’s January 2023 intake for AIF members audiences. For more information, please visit

John Rostron, CEO of AIF, said “We’re delighted to welcome TheWRD as Educational Partner for Festival Congress 2023. It will be a brilliant opportunity for our members to provide expertise, tips and knowledge to those individuals pursuing an arts education through the programme, and for those newcomers to the sector to get to meet with the many people who bring festivals to life.”

Apply to TheWRD’s Ivor Novello Scholarship here.