Press Release: AIF Announces Emerging Artist Initiative

05 Jun 2017



AIF announces new initiative to showcase emerging talent at independent festivals.


The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has partnered with several booking agencies to match emerging artists with their member festivals this season. 


The purpose of the initiative, which is supported by a range of AIF’s 60 members, is to create more opportunities for emerging artists and strengthen relationships between independent promoters and agents.


Participating festivals include Tramlines, Shambala and Kendal Calling, with artists including Dead!, Fizzy Blood and Bossy Love.  


Five key booking agencies were approached by AIF in late 2016 and asked to put forward two emerging acts that they wanted to push for the 2017 festival season. Participating agents include Shaun Faulkner (X-Ray Touring), Angus Baskerville (13 Artists), Cecile Communal & Clementine Bunel (ATC Live), Olly Hodgson (Coda Agency) and Chris Smyth (Primary).


AIF Membership and Events Coordinator Renae Brown said: “AIF member festivals are incredible incubators of emerging talent and this initiative underlines our commitment to work directly with agents to join the dots between exciting new artists and some of the most successful independent festivals in the UK. The response from agents has been very positive and we look forward to building on this partnership in future years”.   


Cecile Communal, agent at ATC LIVE added: “We put forward 2 emerging artists via the AIF’s emerging artist initiative and got some fantastic festival dates for Jalen N’Gonda and Bossy Love. This has been a brilliant new initiative to give young artists a special platform for festival bookers to listen to their music and get new opportunities. We’re all very excited about their upcoming summer shows’.

Emma Zillmann, Booker at Kendal Calling commented: “We’re very proud to be a member of the Association of Independent Festivals, and love to be involved in any initiative to nurture emerging talent. Bossy Love are an absolute force to be reckoned with live, and Dead! have had a fantastic start to their career which surely will only get better. We can’t wait to welcome them to Kendal Calling’s stages this summer.”

The list of participating artists and festivals is:


DEAD! – Handmade Festival, Kendal Calling & Bestival

Fizzy Blood– Tramlines, 2000trees and Handmade Festival

Westerman – Shambala Festival

Bossy Love – Tramlines & Kendal Calling

Jalen N’Gonda– Tramlines, Nozstock the Hidden Valley & Beat-Herder

Tom Walker – Barn on the Farm & Beat-Herder

John Joseph Brill – Tramlines

Jordan Allen– Hanwell Hootie, Twisterella