MP Calls For Flares & Fireworks To Be Banned From UK Festivals & Venues

14 Apr 2016

This week in Parliament, MP Nigel Adams proposed a blanket ban on flares, fireworks and smoke bombs at all gigs & festivals in the UK. The House of Commons (House of Common Sense) passed this motion which would make it illegal for all fans to carry any sort of pyrotechnics into music venues, including outdoor festivals. This is already the case for fans at sporting events and has been that way since 1985 so this seems like a very overdue adjustment to legislation. AIF supports the introduction of this bill and our statement of support was also read out in Parliament – “It is the responsibility of organisers to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for fans, and the government should support this objective by creating a level playing field between music and sports fans.”
More info on the BBC here.