Gurus Gather for AIF Marketing Event

27 Feb 2014

We recently promoted a sold-out all-day Marketing and Promotion seminar in London. Taking place at Minster Exchange (London, EC3R 7PP), the event was packed with engaging presentations and discussions from the likes of Bestival, Kendal Calling and YouTube.

Highlights included Lee Denny of Leefest giving the lowdown on crowd funding after raising £50K in 28 days for his event by focusing on a  story that people can connect to- this included the flip side of such campaigns, such as Amazon taking 7% for card transactions on kick starter.  Despite the campaign taping into an incredible community of supporters and generating a wave of national press and a twitter campaign #growleefest receiving over 2m interactions, they now have many stakeholders in their festival.

Andy Smith gave incredible insight into the various ways in which Kendal Calling have achieved incredible impact despite spending nothing, i.e: Setting a Guinness World record for most amount of people dressed as Superman (resulting in global press coverage) and using competitions to generate over 11K shares on Facebook through a shed company!

Joe Elkins of Bestival ran through an A-Z of the festival’s incredibly creative marketing strategy including D for Direct Relationships and F for Fresh Talent! Joe also revealed that his strategy still includes print and building a physical network of Bestival ambassadors alongside various digital innovations, partnerships with cool brands and activity around each year’s theme- which last year included a series of ’smugglers run’ missions across various cities around the HMS Bestival theme.

Elsewhere, Steve Machin of Stormcrowd ran through the latest platforms and innovations in the live sector, including smart tickets, Festivo TV and Vyclone- an app that enables users to spontaneously collaborate on video footage taken at festivals and events.

Matias Llort from YouTube ran through the streaming giant’s partner programme alongside revealing some staggering stats about the world’s second largest search engine including the equivalent of 500 years of videos are viewed on YouTube through Facebook each day.

Streaming Tank CEO Chris Dabbs rounded the day off with a compelling presentation around building anticipation and telling the story of an event through video streaming and integration with social media.