First Festival

First Festival

First Festival is a pioneering new campaign and fund that will enable access to festivals for hundreds of thousands of people aged 18+ across the UK.

The ‘First Festival Campaign’ has been built on the belief that, upon turning 18, everyone should be able to access the pivotal cultural moment that festivals provide. But, in recent years, many have not had that opportunity.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw most people who were turning 18 at the time miss out on their first festival experience due to lockdown. 


Even in 2022, lots of festivals rolled tickets over from 2019, meaning that hundreds of thousands of young people missed out on this key moment again.

Still today, the cost of living crisis has made attending festivals out of reach for many people.

The First Festival Campaign means that anyone in the UK who was/is 18 years of age between September 1 2019 and August 31 2023 can register interest in attending one of AIF’s member festivals via the First Festival website

Meanwhile, individuals and organisations are able to make donations to this campaign here. Tickets will be released as funding targets are met, with eligible 18-year-olds on the waiting list able to buy a ticket for their chosen festival for just £18.


In launching this campaign, AIF has also taken inspiration from European countries such as Germany, France and Italy where those turning 18 are given a voucher by their government with a value of between €200 and €500 to be spent on cultural events and activities.

You can download the campaign assets here.