Glastonbury Fined Over Human Waste Pollution

26 May 2016

District judge Simon Cooper has ordered Glastonbury Festival to pay £31,000 after thousands of gallons of human sewage leaked out of a tank in 2014, contaminating a nearby stream and killing 42 fish. The judge said the festival could’ve acted more swiftly in letting the correct authorities know about the leak but had largely dealt with the incident well. The judge fined the festival £12,000 and ordered it to pay £19,000 towards the prosecution costs. “I am satisfied that there was proper planning for the festival and no criticism is made of that. There was a waste management plan, there was a rivers and streams management plan. I am impressed by how responsive Glastonbury Festivals Ltd have been. I am bemused at the vigour and energy that has been put into this detailed analysis of what happened, much after the event. I am sure lessons will be learned.” Read more here.