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Bert Cole is Technical Director of Arcadia Spectacular, the ground breaking UK events company behind iconic installations like the 50 tonne fire breathing ‘Spider’ and large scale immersive shows like Metamorphosis. Brought to life by Bert’s technical expertise, Arcadia have won multiple awards and toured shows on four continents, as their signature fusion of conscious ideas, sculpture, engineering, dance music, circus and cutting edge technology continues to evolve.

Bert and his partner Pip Rush also run a sister company, Arcadia Studios, providing bespoke concepts, shows and installations to a broad spectrum of partners. 2019 saw Arcadia Studios commissioned by the Glastonbury Festival to create a 5 year evolving installation for up to 50,000 people and Pangea launched in June to rave reviews.

My Sessions

Reach For The Sky: Arcadia Spectacular

The evolution of Arcadia Spectacular at Glastonbury, from the Spider to Pangea and the ‘Arcadia Reach’ project.


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