Director of My Cause UK

Rob Wilkinson

| Session: Status Check Sessions - Staffing and Volunteering, Event Suite, 15:05-15:15 | For over a decade, Rob Wilkinson has been involved in leadership, recruitment & training of thousands of staff and volunteers with clients including some of the UK’s highest profile events, festivals, and charities.   As the founder and Managing Director of My Cause UK; one of the UK’s leading festival volunteering organisations and Ethical Staffing; an organisation focused on offering ethical, high impact temporary staffing solutions, Rob is a prominent advocate for best practice in event staffing. Both companies are founded on the principles of understanding what motivates a diverse team, and ensuring that staff and volunteers feel not only like valued team members but VIPs to ensure the best experience for customers and crew alike. Having pivoted staffing businesses to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic, Rob offers insight into how to identify and overcome both the “old”, and “new” challenges facing the event industry across key areas of frontline staffing.”