Director of Mackley Projects and Events

Jennifer Mackley

| Session: Status Check Sessions - Covid and safety protocols, Event Suite, 14:52-15:02 | Jennifer Mackley is an experienced and well-respected events and project management consultant, with business services focused on premises licencing, event planning documentation, stakeholder engagement and bespoke projects for both event organisers and local authorities. Starting her working life as an overseas challenge event leader, Jen quickly moved into live events taking on the role of licensing co-ordinator for the Glastonbury Festival, gaining a unique insight into the operational and licensing requirements of delivering such a complex event. Subsequently spending the next seven years at Bristol City Council, Jen delivered high-profile strategic plans and major corporate projects, before establishing Mackley Projects and Events in 2013. Working now across a range of clients including Local Government and multiple major outdoor event organisers, Jen enjoys delivering the documentation and negotiations (so often the least favourite bit of event planning!) alongside a great network of contacts. Jen also co-authored the Purple Guide COVID planning guidance Interim Briefing with Emma Parkinson and supported a number of events with COVID planning and DPH negotiations through the spring and summer of 2020.