Drone Safety Workshops

26 May 2016

Drones are becoming a very common sight in the skies over the United Kingdom as well as at events. The Crowd Management Academy are running workshops for those interested across the UK. They already work with various events with UK who have drone issues and have designed these low cost workshops to allow events to “self-help” without having to pay consultants to come in. They also work with organisations such as the Police forces and Civil Aviation Authority on drone legislation enforcement and their workshops will allow event organisers and those dealing with event safety to understand key issues including:

  • How does “airspace” fit into an Event Safety Management Plan
  • How to safely and legally use drones at events (e.g. to obtain PR photos or videos or flying over crowds for safety purposes)
  • How to stop members of the public illegally or unsafely using drones at your event
For more information and bookings, head here.