We up-cycle vintage, colourful canvas frame tents from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, restore them and erect them at festivals and events as boutique camping. Our collection sets us apart from the rest as each has its own character, colour scheme and funky patterns. Pitched together they create a work of art. In a bid to combat the ‘Monday Morning Throwaway Mentality’ that is a strain on festivals, we aim to showcase an era when things were built to last and people looked after their tents.

We strive to create the ultimate comfy experience for our customers, offering 5* hotel-style service at affordable costs. The spacious nature of our tents is perfect for families, groups of friends, couples and people with additional needs. We are comfortable at a range of events including family festivals, 24-hour party festivals, literature festivals and festival-themed weddings. We provide a classic, comfy or luxury furnishings option.