Truck Festival

With new organisers in place, the team from Y-Not festival in Derbyshire, perhaps the surprise for many was how much things were just like they used to be, the elements all in place but also moving with the times; the barn, after a year off, was back, and this time with a new roof covered in pristine solar panels. I saw members of the Low Anthem, after a storming set, queuing along with everyone else for a Rotary Club burger, Tim Minchin leading unlikely singalongs, the farmer’s daughter serving legendary banana smoothies to hungover teenagers of all ages, some of whom were probably wearing nappies back when this all started. I’d like to remember all those who have been part of it, some every year, some just for a short while, and those like Simon, the original leader of the Truck bar, who are no longer here, but who shared many special moments at Hill Farm. The convoy just keeps on rollin’, just as they would want it to.