The Main Stage

The Main Stage is a website built specifically for creative festivals, events and industry suppliers to advertise employment opportunities within their company.

After fully launching in March 2017, you will be able to advertise your festival and event industry positions and browse thousands of applicant profiles, as well as search for festival and event volunteers in our huge database… in the meantime, why not get in touch for your absolutely free, AIF Member 12 month Premium Membership, promo subscription code!

Unlike other websites, has been designed with your sector of the events industry in mind. It is a tailor made solution to whether you are recruiting casual staff on a temporary basis, your next senior level manager on a permanent contract or 100+ volunteers who require deposits collected and returned.

We operate a freemium model which ensures that you can choose a service and price that works for your company’s requirements, even if that means you advertise on our website free of charge.

You will always benefit from our custom made, targeted job adverts system which ensures that the industry professionals you want to hire will see your advert. This improves the standard of applications and increases the likelihood of you finding a successful candidate through our service.

If you opt for our Premium Membership you will be able to utilize all of the websites features and access an even greater pool of events industry professionals.

AIF members and friends benefit from discounts and we advise you to contact The Main Stage team to find out more.

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