Starry Skies

Starry Skies is about making sure that families have everything they need to have a Great British holiday experience. Lots for kids to do, in a safe environment. We are a small team of individuals who have been producing award-winning, sustainable events for longer than we can remember! We organise a diverse range of events from small-scale city events, which celebrate community and culture, to much larger multi-arts festivals like Shambala Festival. The common thread that runs through all our events is enshrined in our company ethics: 1. People come first Our aim, above all, is to be fair in our prices, in the way we communicate with people and in the parity and frankness with which we deal with all involved. 2. To celebrate the creativity that resides in all of us Our passion is to encourage creative participation. Our events are full of activities and workshops for everyone to join in and share their ideas and experiences. 3. To discover and share ways of moving towards a sustainable future We want to promote and inspire participants to live their lives in a more sustainable way. Through the choices we make as an organisation, and through the content we offer, we aim to explore and demonstrate new and innovative ways of living. 4. To be free of corporate influence We are 100% independent and always will be. This means being free of any external agendas or demands, excessive advertising and branding and mindless consumerism.