Pineapple PR is a specialist Public Relations, Brand Building, Publicity, Festivals and events company specialising in saving you money on green products for your festival or event and bringing more attention to it in the media.

We run great campaigns for our clients and also install artist areas at some of our festivals, making the experience for them a bit more immersive.

We also manufacturer a wide range of sustainable and biodegradable products for festivals and events including but not limited to:

PET Wristbands
PET Lanyards
Bamboo Bar Tokens
Re-Usable Cups

We continue to do constant research and vigilantly follow all avenues of publicity to make sure we never miss an opportunity to get your festival or event in the spotlight, working relentlessly to stay up to date with new contacts and features that may be relevant to our field.

With over two decades of experience between our founders covering an expansive range of brands, bands, events, venues, business’ and personalities we have the knowledge to make sure that your campaign is a success.