Since 1987, The Nationwide Caterers Association has been relentlessly devoted to helping its members realise their dreams of setting up their own mobile catering business. Now comprising over 4000 members, NCASS is committed to ensuring the legality, safety and profitability of its members as well as being a beacon for a fairer, more sustainable industry.

Our status as an industry influencer has been aided not only by our much-coveted Primary Authority status but also as the result of our pioneering systems such as NCASS Connect which aims to unite traders, event organisers and EHOs alike. We are also striving for a greener industry; not only do we sit on the steering group for ‘Powerful Thinking,’ we also co-founded 8th Plate – a food waste project created with a view to diverting uncooked food from landfill to people living in poverty. Having turned 30 this year, we have a feeling that The Nationwide Caterers Association are just getting started.