Friends: Jolly Green Sherpas


Jolly Green Sherpas is an event luggage transport service.

We supply a team of friendly staff, each equipped with a custom made JGS flatbed wheelbarrow, to transport or ‘Sherpa’ your customer’s luggage from the car parks to the campsites at your event.

Your customers simply come to one of our teams in the car parks, where our Jolly Green Sherpas will be waiting to help them. Our Sherpas will then get them and their luggage to the exact spot that they wish to pitch their tent.

What’s best, is that we offer this service for around the same price as they would have to pay to hire a barrow or trolley and push it themselves, which obviously make us the preferable option for a lot of people.

Our service does not change the planning, logistics, or the infrastructure of the event at all.

Our company is financially beneficial to you, and a fantastic professional service for your customers.