Friends: Eventbrite


Your music ticketing and promotion partner—from setup to sellout to showtime.
Eventbrite enables organisers and promoters to plan, promote, and sell out their concert or festival. Built-in social sharing tools on Eventbrite, like Twitter, bring an average of £3.22 in additional ticket sales with each tweet.

Thousands of promoters and organisers already use Eventbrite to sell out their festival. Here is why:

1) Empower your attendees to promote your event via social media: Built-in social sharing tools like Facebook drive an average £2.17 in additional ticket sales each time your event is mentioned.

2) Customise your event page. Create an event page that complements your event brand. Include multiple tickets types, videos, photos, promotional codes, reserved seating options and more.

3) Gain audience insights. Real time reporting and analytics help you understand your audience and fans and empowers you to make better decisions especially about your promotional campaigns, and utlimately sell more tickets.

4) Attract new fans. We send e-newsletters to recommends events to 16 millions fans worldwide based on their event preferences. We also notify people when someone in their social media networks is attending an event.

5) Get fans through the door. Our reliable app, scanners and entry management technology keep lines moving, you informed in real time and fans happy.

6) Feel our support 24/7. Our seasoned in-house team provides round-the-clock customer support for you and your attendees.