Friends: Event Genius Ltd

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Tried and tested by over a million attendees, Event Genius Pay is a cashless POS solution which was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the festival market. Proven to increase customer spending by up to 25%, Event Genius Pay accepts payments via cash, contactless and chip & pin card payments, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. The funds are then loaded as credit onto secure RFID/NFC enabled wristbands to pay for drinks, food and merchandise at your event with a simple tap.

Featuring options that boost pre-event revenue generation, enable customers to top-up via mobile or self-service terminals, and an unparalleled Reporting and Analytics suite, Event Genius Pay is robust enough to handle network outages and can be tailored to work completely offline. If you’d like to talk more about Event Genius Pay, please contact our business development team by telephone (+44 (0) 203 051 1244) and we’ll be happy to talk.