Different Sauce LTD

Our service connects your event with some of the most influential tastemakers, journalists and influencers in the game.

Specialising in press, playlist and influencer marketing, our passion and experience ensures you have the right team to match your dedication to your craft. Our ethos is firmly rooted, in empowerment for our label and event partners and unlike other marketing companies, we take on the financial accountability on all our projects. All our campaigns are based on our unique results vs cost based model. This means we charge based on what’s achieved in the campaign period, rather than working to an outdated and financially restricting monthly retainer.

The process is all about bringing greater transparency and accountability, so our clients have a clear idea of what press + influencer partners will be supporting the event and what that costs. It also means, we’re not charging festivals a monthly retainer during quiet periods of promotion, where marketing budget is stretched.