Was originally invented by British company Ronald Britton Ltd. In May 2023 the Bioglitter™ business was acquired by Sigmund Lindner GmbH (SiLi) which ensured the future development of the Bioglitter™ ‘journey’ of continual development and improvement of the product range.

SiLi is a leading manufacturer of sustainable and innovative products for the cosmetics, coatings, and printing industries. The company is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality, environmentally friendly products that meet the needs of its customers and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Bioglitter® comprises several ranges of bio-compatible alternatives to plastic and compostable glitter. All developed to help address glitter related microplastic pollution.

Bioglitter® is the world’s only certified freshwater biodegradable glitter brand.

Through a branding scheme, the Bioglitter® logo is used by an increasing number of companies in the festival vender, cosmetic, toy, packaging and clothing industries to communicate clearly to the consumer the quality of the glitter used in a product. Festival organisers can rest assured that the glitter in products displaying the Bioglitter® logo are clean and safe for use for use in a given product application.

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