Attitude is Everything Publishes State of Access Report 2018

11 Apr 2018

Attitude is Everything have published their forth State of Access report which looks at the barriers faced by deaf and disabled people when trying to book tickets for live music events. The report included findings from their Access Booking Survey, which collected hundreds of responses from deaf and disabled gig-goers.

Positively, three quarters of deaf and disabled  customers felt that booking access for tickets had stayed the same or improved in over the last four years. However, 82% had still experienced problems booking access, 79% of people had been put off booking tickets due to problems booking access, 73% had felt discriminated against while trying to book – and this led to 11% of respondents considering taking legal action.

You can download the full report here. 

Attitude is Everything has also identified 5 key areas which require action in order to improve the ticket buying experience. These are:

– A simple and universal system for evidencing access requirements

– Accurate and disability-aware information and customer service

– Choice and flexibility when booking tickets

– To be able to trust that access booking requirements will be met

– Equal access to everything

They have set up a Ticketing Without Barriers coalition to tackle the barriers to ticketing, compromising of venues, ticketing companies, event organisers and industry bodies. The coalition will exchange information and ideas and work towards a single and unified solution to the barriers to access.