AIF Statement In Response to Brexit

08 Jul 2016

Following the referendum decision to leave the European Union, AIF would like to reassure our members that we will continue to represent the best interests of the UK independent festival sector and will be working hard in the coming months with our members and the wider industry to fully understand the ramifications. The festival market has developed as a truly European market aimed at Europe wide audiences, this is a great strength and won’t change. The key questions are: Will it now become more complicated to work across borders? What will the impact be on touring musicians, especially emerging artists in terms of visas and other issues? We could also potentially see a reduction in ‘music tourism’, which generated £3.7bn for the UK economy in 2015, with a year-on-year increase of 16% in overseas tourists attending music events. There are more questions than answers as we survey the initial fall-out. We will be working hard in the coming months to ensure that relationships throughout the independent festival community are not diminished as a result of these events.

It is business as usual for now and will be for the next couple of years a least. There is naturally some concern about the economic uncertainty that lies ahead and the impact this may have on business and we’re waiting for the dust to settle and for the short term political and economic consequences to play out.