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National trade organisation The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) is the UK’s leading festival representative body. Founded in 2008 by Rob da Bank (Bestival) and his manager Ben Turner (Graphite Media), the combined attendance of AIF’s 65 member events exceeds 600,000, contributing over £200m to the UK economy annually.

AIF provides a vital support network for independent festival promoters through member meetings, public facing campaigns and lobbying, producing conferences and training events and providing business support services to members.

In 2015, AIF published audience research revealing that in the four year period from 2010-2014, AIF member events generated an estimated £1bn for the UK economy in audience spend, £80m of which was sent along the supply chain at local businesses. AIF currently represents over 50 member events, ranging from the 800-capacity Starry Skies to the 60,000-capacity Boomtown Fair.


“The AIF: The closest thing you can get to a union as a promoter. Indispensible.”  –Freddie Fellowes, Secret Garden Party

“Becoming an AIF member was invaluable for our business, especially as we expanded to multiple festivals. The AIF team work tirelessly to offer a support network to events organisers, facilitating the crucial share of information and allowing the independent festival sector to have a stronger voice in the industry.” – Andy Smith, Kendal Calling

The Infamous Paint Fight

The three key strands to AIF’s membership-

This is the core reason the association was formed, to enable promoters to connect to each other and take the temperature of the industry.
Members meetings take place four times a year, working through a structured agenda of industry issues facing members- AIF is an effective vehicle for change that you would like to see within the industry
Providing a collective voice for the independent festival industry, AIF represents members on a range of issues, interacting with Government and other relevant parties, responding to consultations and pushing for positive change,
Issues we are currently working on include producing a detailed response to the PRS tariff consultation, lobbying the Treasury on business rates for festivals and events sites and providing evidence to the Government on secondary ticketing and ticketing abuse.
We work across the live industry, forming strategic alliances and leading on key issues- in 2010, AIF were instrumental in the PRS deciding against attempting to raise the percentage of Tariff LP and in 2014, AIF led a coalition of the live industry in successfully lobbying the Home Office against moving ahead with an all-out review of the system for charging events organisers for Special Police Services (SPS).
AIF sits on the UK Live Group of UK Music, the umbrella organization representing the music industry to Government, and this is an effective channel for making a case to Government on various issues.
AIF plans and delivers impactful public facing campaigns, including in 2015, a ‘Festival Fever’ campaign celebrating the economic and cultural impact of our members and a coordinated digital blackout of festival websites to raise awareness of legal highs in 2014 and 2015. Such campaigns attract global media attention and reach millions of users on social media.
We offer a range of tangible benefits to members including a free financial health check with a certified accountant, a certain amount of legal support including helping with commercial disputes and an AIF mentoring scheme offering pragmatic business affairs advice throughout the year.
AIF also offers members unique cost savings from suppliers through our Friends of AIF scheme in areas including insurance, accreditation and production.
Members have access to a range of members-only resources including annual audience survey data, market reports and guides to legislation and best practice.

AIF events and The Festival Congress:

AIF promotes a range of seminars and training opportunities throughout the year such as our ‘Festival Futures’ conference events in locations across the UK, featuring a mix of festival promoter keynotes, quick fire ‘Talking Heads’ sessions and fireside chats with industry experts.

AIF members receive significant discounts on all events and conferences- for example, this year we have two ‘Festival Futures’ conferences and a digital marketing train day, both of which are half price for members.


Launched in 2014 in Cardiff, Wales, the Festival Congress is AIF’s annual flagship event- a two-day conference and celebration of the independent festival industry.

Each AIF member is entitled to heavily discounted access to the Festival Congress and Independent Festival Awards.


In 2014 and 2015, the event attracted over 400 delegates and speakers to Cardiff, Wales for a two-day sold-out industry conference and evening celebration- this is the largest gathering of independent festival operators to ever take place.

The event is a unique opportunity for AIF members and their teams alongside the wider industry and those interested in the industry to connect, celebrate and shape the future festival landscape with two days of networking, industry discussion and celebration.

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- ‘Independent’ is defined clearly by market share: Businesses that do not hold more than 5% of the global market share of the live music industry and businesses who are not 50% or more owned by an entity who holds 5% or more.




1. Fill out the online application form here-

2. AIF members will be notified of your application.

3. Membership invoice issued.

4. Once payment has cleared, your membership is activated and you are notified by email.


Download the membership overview below.

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Membership is charged as follows (+ V.A.T):

  • Registered Charity or Free Event or Less than 1000 £535.00
  • 1000 to 5000 £802.50
  • 5001 to 7500 £909.50
  • 7501 to 10000 £1,070.00
  • 10,000 + 16% licensed capacity
  • Overseas Festival - UK based** 30% discount
  • International Festivals*** 50% discount
  • CITY BASED FESTIVAL - One day event , below 10,000 cap £267.50
  • CITY BASED FESTIVAL -Multi day event, below 10,000 cap £535.00
  • CITY BASED FESTIVAL -One day event, above 10, 000 cap £802.50
  • CITY BASED FESTIVAL -Multi day event, above 10, 000 cap £1070.00