2016 Delegates, 2017 delegate information coming soon...

Aarron Byng - Cardtronics Ltd
Abigail Tan - Middlesex University
Abigail Wileman - Middlesex University
Adam Coverdale - Peppermint Events
Agnieszka Sitek - Middlesex University
Aktrina Kastrati - Middlesex University
Alan Fox - NCASS
Alan Miller - The NTIA
Alessandro Pluda - Fame Group
Alex Leppingwell - Secret Garden Party
Alex Milner-Smith - Lewis Silkin
Alex Morley - AIM
Alex Trenchard - Standon Calling
Alice Hardy - The White Ribbon Project
Alison Hussey - Sheltercare
Alistair McMillan - Essex Pig Company (Jimmy’s Farm)
Alistair Turner - Eight PR
Amanda Richards - Welsh Government
Amar Chauhan -
Ami Lord - Standon Calling
Amy Wildsmith - BIMM
Andreea Iordache - Mojo Barriers
Andrew McQuillan - Crowded Space Drones
Andy Butterfield - Corvus
Andy Lenthall - Production Services Association (PSA)
Andy McAuliffe - Refresh West
Andy Rea - 2000trees
Andy Smith - Bluedot / Kendal Calling / Off the Record
Andy Winmill - The Fling Festival
Anna Meneer - Eden Sessions
Anne McCoy - Soul Snacks NYC
Anwar Butler-Lekki - Middlesex University
Artjoms Vovks - Middlesex University
Ben Challis - Glastonbury
Ben Cruise - Portable Toilets Ltd
Ben Dean - The Ticketsellers / eventree
Ben Hardy - Richmond Event Management
Ben Robinson - Kendal Calling/Bluedot
Benjamin David - Blissfields
Bob Fox - NCASS
Brendan Herbert - 2000trees / ArcTanGent
Bruce Hay - Bestival / Camp Bestival / Common People
Cadi Newbery - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
Cally Hamilton - BIMM
Cara Kane - Bestival/Camp Bestival/Common People
Carl A H Martin - Intellitix
Caroline Clift - Stand Out Magazine
Carys Jones - Eisteddfod
Cassiano Vivian - Middlesex University
Cecile Communal - ATC Live
Charlie Hearn - End Of The Road Festival
Charlotte Akroyd-Swayne - Deer Shed Festival
Charlotte Greeves - Henley Festival
Chris Glaba - Skiddle
Chris Green - The White Ribbon Project
Chris Johnson - Shambala / Kambe Events
Chris McCormick - Blue Peg
Chris Newton - RWRC - Event Recycling
Chris Tofu - Continental Drifts
Chris Williams - Noisily Festival & Bassline Productions
Christine Brown - Help Musicians
Christophe Boronad - Continental Drifts
Christopher Dromey - Middlesex University
Claire Coleman - Oxfam
Claire Foster - The Good Life Experience
Cordi Ashwell - Ground Control
Corina Benshimol - Middlesex University
Craig Bennett - ID&C
Craig G Pennington - Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
Craig Mathie - Bournemouth 7's
Cristina Riveiros - Event Wine Solutions
Daisy Racula - Middlesex University
Danny Hagan - London College Of Music
Dave Driscoll - The Orchard
Dave King - The Vicars Picnic
Dave Morgan - House of Bestival
Dave Pichilingi - Liverpool Sound City
Dave Steele - Isle of Wight Festival
David Ball - Welsh Government
David De Wever - PlayPass
David Hillier - Sabotage Times/ VICE/ The Guardian
David Holdway - Security Coordinator
Derek Hill - Greenbelt Festival
Deri Reed - The Ethical Chef
Devinia Hudson - Copas Partnership
Dom Frazer - The Boiler Room
Donna Reeves - Sarah Cole Productions
Ed Nangle - Scripin
Ed Niman - NWN Blue Squared
Elisabetta Faggiana - Fame Group
Ella Nosworthy - Nozstock The Hidden Valley
Elliott Smith - PlayPass
Em Weirdigan - Weirdigans / The Green Gathering
Emma Brunjes - EBP Productions
Emma Forrester - From The Fields
Emma Hudson - Access All Areas
Emma Robinson - Record of The Day
Emma Russo - Bestival / Camp Bestival / Common People
Emma Zillmann - Bluedot / Kendal Calling / Off The Record
Eric Cook - Vector76
Eve Russell - Port Eliot Festival
Faye Gibson - Festival Of Voice
Faye Hamilton - Hanwell Hootie
Fiona Measham - Durham University / The Loop
Fionna Allan - Festival Congress
Francesca Heartfield - PHA Media
Freddie Fellowes - Secret Garden Party
Gabriela Krysa - Middlesex University
Gareth Cooper - Broadwick Live / Festival No. 6
Gareth Williams - Fairport's Cropredy Convention
Geoff Cox - CTM
George Upcott - OXFAM
Georgina Hollis -
Geraldine Zanaska -
Gerry Smyth - Enjoy Life By The Glass
Graham Brown - We Are Plaster
Griff Lynch - Eisteddfod
Guto Brychan - Eisteddfod
Gwilym Evans - Welsh Government
Harry Heartfield - Edition Capital
Harry Sloan - Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar
Helen Griffiths -
Henry Wilkinson - We Got Tickets
Howard Monk - The End Festival
Hugh Edwin Jones - Gwynedd Council
Huw Aled Jones - Eisteddfod
Iain Duncan - The Main Stage
Ian Evans - IME: Music
Ian Sloan - Bankier Sloan
Ineza Anna Grabowska - Middlesex University
Iva Angelicheva - Middlesex University
Jack Rogers - Scripin
Jacob Adams - Attitude Is Everything
Jacqui Mulville - Cardiff University
Jake Warriner - Sarah Cole Productions
Jakub Domagala - Middlesex University
James Chant - Sŵn Festival
James Fieldhouse - BDO UK
James Hanley - Music Week
James Hooker - AP Security
James Scarlett - 2000trees / ArcTanGent
James Stirling - BBC
Jamie Ridyard - Event Halo
Jasmine Tidswell - Continental Drifts
Jason Cotillard - Lytham Festival
Jason Jacob - Mash Media
Jason Legg - Street Team
Jay Dunstan - UK Flyers
Jayne Davis-Powell - Welsh Government
Jeremy Summers - Lewis Silkin LLP
Jess Neame - Really Good Bar Co.
Jim Goddard - Crowded Space Drones
Jim Mawdsley - Generator/AIF
Jimmy Hewson - The Ticketsellers / eventree
Jo Howarth - Summer City
Joanne Davies - The Vicars Picnic
Joby Andrews - Refresh West
Joe Buirski - Fire In The Mountain
Joe Gibbs - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival
Joe Heap - Towersey Festival
Joe James - The Boiler Room
Joe Jones - DANCO
Joe Porn - Music Glue
Joe Walsh - Middlesex University
Johann Gregory - Cardiff University
John Empson - Eden Sessions
John Giddings - Isle of Wight Festival/Solo Agency
John Helps - Handmade Festival
John Peter Jacobs -
John Rostron - SWN Festival/AIF
Jon Baker - Bournemouth 7's
Jon Drape - Ground Control
Jon Walsh - Kambe Events / Shambala
Jonathan Taylor - Grist Environmental
Josh Bentley - Cash On The Move
Julia Haferkorn - Middlesex University
Julia Lowe - LeeFest / Camp Wildfire
Julian Wall - PledgeMusic
Julie Cotton - JC Events
June Martin - Hanwell Hootie
Justin Bibby - Cumbria Police
Kasia Kawalek - Middlesex University
Kate Dean - Kambe Events
Kate Doyle - Ground Control
Kate Hewett - Tramlines
Kate Webster - Deer Shed Festival
Katherine Goodenough - Greenbelt
Kathy Woolley - House of Bestival
Kelli Graham - From The Fields
Kevin Jones - The Ticketsellers / eventree
Kevin Thorborn - Mojo Barriers
Kevin Walker - Operation Gothic
Kieran Gandhi - Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar
Klaudia Kotlinska - Middlesex University
Kryzten Dellow - Middlesex University
Lachie Gordon - Noisily Festival & Bassline Productions
Lara Baker - AIM
Laura East - Danco PLC
Laura Hemmings - The Fair
Laura Welstead - ID&C
Lauren Wilcock - The Ticketsellers / eventree
Lee Denny - LeeFest/ Camp Wildfire
Leif Halverson - The Cheese Truck
Lewis Hughes - Music Insurance Brokers
Liam O’Brien - We Got Tickets
Linda Benfield - The Green Gathering
Lisa Bardsley - Effective Presence Marketing
Lisa Boden - Edition Capital
Lisa Williams - Gwynedd Council
Liz Cobley - The TicketSellers/Eventree
Liz Madden - No Nonsense Group
Louisa Bass - The Fair
Louise Renn - Ground Control
Lucy Babb - Larmer Tree Festival
Lucy Castle - Bankier Sloan
Lucy Evers - BIMM
Maddy Harris - The Vicars Picnic
Marcus Barnes - Fest300
Marcus Grist - Grist Environmental
Mared Maggs - Museum Wales
Mario Anastasiades - Middlesex University
Mark Laurie - NCASS
Mark Sorrill - The Pop-Up Hotel
Marlena Harris - Middlesex University
Martin Newell - LakeFest
Martin Skworc - Middlesex University
Mary Corfield - Greenbelt Festival
Mary Grammer - Middlesex University
Mathew Carver - The Cheese Truck
Matt Evans - The Ticket Factory
Matthew Phipps - TLT Solicitors
Max Douglas - Ground Control
Max Rhead - Steelhouse Live
Max Robertson - Music Insurance Brokers
Megan Evans - Deer Shed Festival
Mel Fitzsimmons - LeeFest / Camp Wildfire
Michael Green - The Main Stage
Michael Magowan - Sunflower Festival
Michal Vojtech - Middlesex University
Mick Bowles - Event Safety Management
Migle Zalkauskaite - Middlesex University
Mike Davis - Vicars Picnic
Mike Gartside - Live UK
Mike Kirwan - Lineup Solutions
Mike Knowles - AP Security
Mike Richmond - Richmond Event Management
Mo Jones - The TicketSellers / Eventree
Murtaza Bhutto - Tikka Kebab Kitchen
Mya Medina - Stand Out Magazine
Nadio Coppelman - Middlesex University
Natalia Chudy -
Natalie Harris - Cardtronics UK
Natasha Rashed - Peppermint Events
Neil Mackeral - Y-Not Festival
Nick Fenton - The Ticket Factory
Nick Fraser - Tim Peaks
Nick Lawrence - NWN Blue Squared
Nick Morgan - The Fair
Nicky Williams - BIMM
Nicola MacDonald - Access All Areas
Nicole Hatch - From The Fields
Nigel Birch - Birch Events
Nigel Dewar Gibb - Lewis Silkin LLP
Nigel Kelly - Portable Toilets Ltd
Nik Sharpe - Handmade Festival
Oliver Elliott - Middlesex University
Oliver Jones - Deer Shed Festival
Oliver McLaren - We Got Tickets
Oliver Robinson -
Ollie Stroud - Secret Garden Party
Pablo Janczur - Orchard Entertainment
Pamela Tierney-Wigg - Ground Control
Paris Brennan - Ground Control
Patrick Bentzen - Middlesex University
Patrick Smith - Groupon
Paul Everett - Eventbrite
Paul Hawkins - Attitude Is Everything
Paul Northup - Greenbelt Festival
Paul Reed - AIF
Paul Scaife - Event Wine Solutions
Penny Mellor - Festival Health, Safety and Welfare Consultant
Peter Davies - Eisteddfod
Peter Harrison - FGH Security
Peter Nosworthy - Nozstock The Hidden Valley
Phil Hayes - The Ticketsellers / eventree
Phil Keeler - Vicars Picnic
Phoebe Howels - The Ethical Chef
Pierre Brun - The Cheese Truck
Poppy Sturgess - Festival Congress
Rachel Kinchin - Festival Of Voice
Rachel Lewis - Ground Control
Ralph Brunjes - Emma Brunjes Productions
Ralph Rolle - Soul Snacks NYC
Rebecca Jimenez - Middlesex University
Renae Brown - AIF
Renata Zitek -
Rhodd Hughes - Museum Wales
Richard Dove - Mash Media
Richard McNevin-Duff - Eventim UK
Richard Robinson - Help Musicians
Rob Casson - Skiddle
Rob Challice - Larmer Tree Festival
Rob da Bank - Bestival / Common People / Camp Bestival
Rob Dudley - The Fair
Rob Haworth - Entourage
Rob Salmons - Vicars Picnic
Rob Wilkinson - My Cause UK
Robert Dumas - Pete The Monkey Festival
Robert Nosworthy - Nozstock The Hidden Valley
Roksana Kuziola - Middlesex University
Roxy Robinson - From The Fields
Ryan Johnson - Pangaea Festival
Sam Catling - Middlesex University
Sam Morris - Freelance
Sam Rowlands - BIMM
Sam Whistlecroft - Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar
Sammy Andrews - Entertainment Intelligence
Sandra Bhatia - OneFest CIC
Sarah Dennehy - Wales Millennium Centre
Sarah-Louise Burns - BIMM
Scott Lavender - Music House Presents
Seb Higgins - Photographer
Serena Varley - Chaos Management
Sharkey Campbell - House of Bestival
Shaun Allan - Vector76
Si Blatchley - Secret Garden Party
Si Maltas - 2000trees / ArcTanGent
Sidarth Sharma - Kambe Events / Shambala
Simon Maltas - ArcTanGent
Simon Parkes - Live At the Brixton Academy
Simona Vrabcova - Middlesex University
Simone Turner - Sky Tickets
Sioned Edwards - Eisteddfod
Sophie Barclay - Splore Festival
Sophie Evans - Standon Calling
Steffan Lemke Elms - The Ethical Chef
Stephanie Yeates - Refresh West
Steve Blake - Awen UK
Steve Heap - AFO
Steve Jenner - PlayPass
Steve Rolles - Transform
Steve Whistlecroft - Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar
Steve ‘Muggs’ Muggeridge - Green Gathering
Steven Endersby - We Got Tickets
Steven Howell - Music Insurance Brokers
Steven Willshire - Festival Welfare Services
Stuart Balkham - Elderflower Fields
Suzi Ireland - BIMM
Suzy Moosa - Festival Congress
Tamara O’Neill - Pangaea Festival
Tavie Morton - Vision Nine
Thom Harris - Vicars Picnic
Tim Burgess - The Charlatans
Timothy Talbot - Le Bun
Tom Dobbs - House of Bestival
Tom Ferris - CTM
Tom Jenkins - Noisily Festival and Bassline Productions
Tom Wilkes - White Light LTD
Tonje Egeland - Middlesex University
Tracy Wise - The White Ribbon Project
Veneisha Hamilton-Loving - Middlesex University
Vicky Gladstone - The Good Life Experience
Will Spencer - Music Glue
William Hazlerigg - Noisily Festival & Bassline Productions
Yunjeong Cho -
Zac Fox - Kilimanjaro Live/ NOWIE
Zoe Nattress - Magical Festival