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Take Advantage of a new revenue stream today.

Vvast is the business that runs the outdoor retail website. The business team running the site has over 20 years of experience of trading highly successfully in the online space.

We offer over 2000 lines of high quality, good value camping gear, jackets, fleeces, shorts, T-shirts and even tents for your festival goers. The website is firmly aimed at making it as simple as possible to get all the outdoor gear needed to have a great time ahead of your event.

We work on a simple kick back (percentage of sale) for any festival we partner with of anything sold on our website as a result of sending your ticket holders to our website.

With very little effort for the festival organiser our non intrusive approach allows your ticket holders to connect with us as a reputable supplier, leaving you to get prepared for a summer in the field.

All the creative is done for you. We connect with your audience via on brand emails to your database and social media channels that either your teams put live on your social and email or we can on your behalf.

Everything is signed off by you before anything goes out.

As it’s a pure percentage of sale approach there is no risk to the organiser with stock, returns, customer service (we have a call centre) or quality of website experience.

To find out more, take a look at our festival specific page on our website or drop Richie Jones an email on